On the division of people

An anon muses on the effects of social division in modern society:

If people actually had to care for their family that would resolve too much division.

Here’s what I mean, government programs mean that people don’t have to rely on each other.

Giving people welfare means that their families don’t need to provide for them or even care for them.  They can become isolated.

We see this in every aspect of society.  Governments educate kids, parents don’t.  We force kids to sleep alone for cultural reasons, and psychologists will support this (which lessens emotional closeness and increases mental illness).  Wives divorce knowing government will provide for them.  Parents fail to raise their kids because they know government will be there to help.  etc.

If people actually needed each other our relationships would be too strong and we could not be exploited as easily.

The whole set up of society is designed to divide people.  Even our living situation.  People often have conflicting beliefs with, or don’t even know their neighbors or people in their suburb.

It’s all to divide us, including welfare.  They don’t want us to be strong and support each other.  We are weaker divided and become more reliant on government which is what they want.

I don’t know if the social division seen in modern society are caused on purpose like this anon proposes, but either way the end results are the same.  We are very isolated and more vulnerable.

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