The McDonaldization of Education: Truth from a teacher in one of the poorest areas of the US

A very brief and drunken rant from an American teacher posting anonymously on 4chan, misspellings and all:

mcdonaldThe McDonaldization of Education: Truth from a teacher in one of the poorest areas of the US

1) Deprofressionalization:: I see many posts about teachers having sex with students , and what most do not realize is that this is simply result of deprofessionalization of teaching. Today, anybody can get a degree, and anybody can become a teacher (including that insecure girl from high school who just wants to prove them all wrong). Once upon a time, teachers used to be valued members of society.

2) The Family Unit: You can stop reading after this. This is the answer. This is all. No matter how great of a teacher I am, I can NEVER repalce the family. Broken families mean broken foundations. Today, teachers are made to be some sort of replacement for family, but they can never replace mom and dad. Ever.

3) You are a slave: When you grew up, there may have been some fun in school. That is almost non-existent now. Everything has become a lawsuit. I can barely give my students a treat without thinking about legal repercussions. Students can no longer play on certain playground equipment. Accidents ALWAYS become something bigger. Kid hits their head? In the past – take them to the hospital, let them heal. Now? Some teacher is to blame. There is literally no fun allowed anymore, and any fun is viewed as taking away from their education.

4) Wasted time. I tell my students, “Here is my secret: you can probably teach yourselves everything I am teaching you.” And that is really true. Kids are spending most of their lives in school, and yet, they go to college and they are not even prepared. They spend their entire lives in schooling, and they still are not prepared for college? This has to be a joke.

5) Race? I am not here to argue about race. Rather, I will say that raising children with a culture that values a nuclear family is the best you can do for them.

6) Are kids worse today? Yes. I love my students, but they are robots. They are programmed. They only believe what social media tells them to believe, and they lack all ability to empathize.

Sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors. Drunk.

Original screen cap:


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