A conversation between autists on working life

A conversation between socially awkward people from 4chan on the dreadfulness of working adult life:

Anon 1:

How come when we were kids they never told us how dreadful and miserable adult life was going to be?

They had us believe it’s all sunshine and roses and every day is a new adventure and you’ll get a nice comfy job and everything will work out fine.

Real life is so fucking awful

Anon 2, responding to anon 1:

This right here is the worst thing they could of done. I feel like I wasn’t prepared or even informed one iota of how the real world would be. But then again they’re assuming you’re a normie who will get along just fine if they “give you time” like you’re a late bloomer or some shit. Autists do not bloom though, we slowly whither and die from the toxicity of it all.

Anon 3, responding to anon 2:

You can bloom though. Autists see the world in a different way. When I was younger I was confused because I was incapable of solving my problems normie style. Then I started seeing life kinda like it was a RPG. Rejection seems like social death but you just respawn. When you’re at a lower level you get your ass kicked a lot but eventually you knock out some exp points. I also realized that most experiences normies have I don’t want. I don’t want to get together in a group and drink and talk about inane vapid things. I just wanted a gf and to have romantic and sexual experiences with her. So I focused on that instead of all that other crap and after lots of failures I eventually found success.

The main problem with us is that we are constantly trying to compare ourselves to something we’re not. We’re so envious of the apples that we can’t figure out how to live successfully as oranges. Social skills are just that. A skill. Something that can be learned. Yours will never be the same as someone who naturally developed them. That doesn’t mean you can’t develop something useful though.

NB – Per the lingo of the particular 4chan board where this conversation came from, “autist” here means one who is very socially inept/awkward, not necessarily autistic per the mental health definition.  “Normie” is slang for a normal, sociable person who is seemingly well adjusted.


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