Your world cannot be changed without changing yourself

I play the guitar.  For musical instruments, repetition plays heavily in the learning of songs.  To play a song smoothly means memorizing it and ingraining in your mind specific ways of playing it.  As such, after you’ve learned a song, it becomes somewhat a pain in the behind to try to change the way you play.

There’s a song I play where there is one part that I often make mistakes on.  No matter the amount of practice, I will simply make mistakes there and make the song sound worse.  I strongly resisted changing the way I play that part, and opted to practice the same way for months, making no progress.  When I finally bit the bullet and analyzed why I was making mistakes in that section, and changed the way I played it, I suddenly saw improvement and the song as a whole now sound better.

The same applies for life.  For change to take place, especially positive ones, you must be ready to change yourself and the way you do things or think as well.  Too often I see people unwilling to change, but still lament on being miserable in life.  I’ve seen the poor complain about lacking money, and yet refusing to evaluate their budget or give up their $200 a month phone plan.  I’ve seen abused wives, suffocating in their relationship, absolutely refusing to leave the husband.

Changes in your world are often dependent on changes within yourself.  The change you commit in the core of your being ripples out like waves through the rest of your world, with you at the center.

water ripple.jpg

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