Experiences with the goetic demon Buer

Below are various brief experiences different people posted about the Goetic Demon Buer, who is usually associated with healing.  They are all very brief so I figured I might as well post them all in one place.  Some of these may have started out as questions or statements that received answers and followups.

Question regarding this entity:

Is Buer nice? I read he was some sort of wise trickster, and I don’t want to get even more wrecked. Is it dangerous as a first summon? What are the dangers of this?

First hand account by someone with multiple working with this entity:

He is nice. He once helped me thru a very difficult debt problem. I have summoned him 3 times. The first was ^see above. The second was to help me when my mother was going thru cancer and I was in distraught. The 3rd I don’t want to talk about.

Each time, I was very demanding, and forceful. This daemon needs to be told what to do, but very specifically. Any wrong turn he will take advantage. If you do it right he is nice.


Second hand account in reference to Buer needing specific instructions:

This is something I heard from a forum long ago, it’s a story from a friend of a friend. Not necessarily reliable, but posted here for your kicks.

Someone summoned Buer to cure their wife or mother of an illness. Summoning was done at home, on a carpeted floor. There were bits of dog hair on the carpet since they had a dog in that household.

The guy might have had fuzzy instructions for the demon. Just something like “heal my mother plz” or “heal my mother and cause no harm to my kin”. I don’t remember the details.

But the end result was that the wife or mother was cured of their illness, and at the same time the dog was stricken with the exact same condition, and died.

Comments people made regarding above account:

To be fair, that is a good trade, albeit sad.

It sounds like a karma… a balance. You ask for x, and you have to pay something “equal” to x.


In reference to someone else’s account of interacting with a Goetic entity in their dream:

Something similar happened to me. I focused on Buer’s sigil not to fully summon him, but to empower ir to make one of my friends healthy.
He appeared to me in dreams as a n old man with a tunicand proposed me some sort of puzzle. The solution to it was some thereisnospoon fuckery, and when I failec to find and answer he simply told me to stop using pure logic to solve things in a dream.
I looked it up and he did also appear as an old balding man with a tunic and sandals. I got sick a year later and still no cause for it Maybe I did wrong, but he seemed like a bro.


5 thoughts on “Experiences with the goetic demon Buer

  1. Okay, so here it’s:
    I never summoned Buer, nor I ever tried, one night he appeared to me in my dreams, he looked like the picture but on a shadow kind of way, it was very organic. I had no clue of what he was, I just felt like when you’re with a friend that likes to make soft pranks, talks a lot and you really enjoy being with because he’s fun but always gets in trouble. He asked me to stand up and look myself in the mirror, I had no clue who he was and I was aware that I was in a dream, so I didn’t want to, he kept saying how he was my friend and wanted me to know him, he liked to talk, that he was good and my friend. Even, I didn’t want to look in the mirror untill he tell me who he was, he said a weird name that actually sounds like Buer, but the other way, Ruible or something alike. The next day I woke up and started to look for demons names, I started with japanese demons because it sounded very japanese, I called my gf and told her, she’s the one that suggested me to look on Buer, as I was reading the description I grew convinced it was him. As I said, I never tried to contact him, and since I was on other country crashing on someone else’s couch I didn’t want to do a ritual, even more because the people that was hosting me is very christian.
    Fast forward to almost 6 months after, my gf is pregnant and having a BAD time with it, the pregnancy unbalanced her digestiv system and she’s been very sick and unable to move without trowing up, even when she’s 5 months pregnant. One nigth i’m watching a league of legends video before sleeping, I fall asleep slowly and a little time after, or what I perceive as so, I feel like waking up, but i’m not, once again i’m in a place like my room but asleep, I can’t move, that’s how I know i’m in a dream, suddenly a figure like a character called Kha’zix appears and I say “c’mon man, big fan” and he hissles me, says “change is good” and looks at my gf, he dissapears (just as the character in the game) and my gf inmeadtly wakes up, she starts to cough and goes to trow up, that’s not a dream anymore, I help her and try to convince her to go to the hospital, she says she actually feels very good and she just wants to sleep, from that day on she’s getting better and better, the Kha’zix figure just Puzzles me, because as soon as Kha’zix turned on my gf she woke up, I tougth on the “change” line and look of themes on that and demons on google, and the image of Buer appeared again, and while I looked at it it became to the one from Kha’zix in my dreams.
    I don’t know why this happens, I never summoned a demon, never felt it was rigth to bother or try to bound a being to myself, I beleive in other beings but I didn’t tried to contact them, the most I did was to pledge my loyalty to Satan, nothing else, so i’m surprised that Buer looks for me. I don’t feel threatened or in danger, but it doesn’t makes sense and that’s what keeps me intrigued. Some insigth?


  2. Is there any type of curse relating to Buer. I was sent this text “نتمنى لك التوفيق ولكن بتكلفة H سوف تنفجر روحك السلام مع مخالبي E غريف الموت هو في يديك L كما ترتدين في أيد سيئة L سوف يتمزق روحك حتى العواطف وسوف تكون لعن بألف عبء وسوف تغني روحك أغنية حزينة ثم سيتم تتبعك” So background knowledge. A friend told me he was giving a cursed by a past friend. he said that he world ask for things and he would take a piece of his soul each time. i ask for him to pass the curse cause I didn’t want him to be gone. He said it takes 24 hours. Is this a hoax or is it real. if so can i get rid of this demon if its attach to me. And if i cant how can I keep it from taking my soul.


  3. GOETIA DEMONS ARE GOOD. I thought experiences of people encounter with the goetia demons published across the internet were just fabrications until my encounter with BUNE! This publication is part of an agreement made to Bune, Last Friday, i invoked bune which yielded good results, thus this publication. Before the invocation, i held the headless rite during which i invoked the four cardinal princes for their blessings and declared my intention to invoke bune. After the rite, i read bune invocation prepared earlier, after lighting a green/white candles and incence. I repeated bune enn with his sigil on my palm. I suddenly experienced waves of what i described as electric shocks runs from my head through the spinal cord , After this, i did not see anything on the mirrior where i expected him to appear. I however read out my petition to him explaining my financial problems and requested his help. He came to me in a dream that night and gave me 2 lotto numbers which i staked and won. Thanks to BUNE.


  4. There I was asleep, an afternoon nap recently, … in the darkness this very beautiful and huge gracious Centaph appeared, with a bow and these amazing Magickal arrows – like they each contained a thousand glowing spirits!

    Respectfully, I bowed and approached!
    Buer, communicated in the dream by telepathy,
    Take these, eight of my magickal arrows and they are for you, dear Occultist, to protect your Temple!!

    Take great care in where you direct and dispatch them! They are so very highly destructive!!

    I thanked the Demon President of Hell and asked, what you you require in return my Lord?
    To which he implied, my sigil displayed on the entrance, outside your Temple and apartment!
    So I promised, it will be done, just next to sigil of Baphomet …

    Its the timing thats so very odd, just that Ive been under intrusive surveillance for the past few months through the apartment ceiling, overheard most of it as its the original Victorian flooring above!!

    The delights of being an Occultist …

    Been repeatedly reported to North Yorkshire Police and County and have been
    accused of running a private “Satanic Temple” from my apartment.

    So what if I am?, its my private-space, that I own and consider an “Occultist Temple”
    Really dont want the United Kingdom state controlling my mind in private either!!

    So more Satanic-Panic in 2023!!

    Warmest blessings


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