Experiences with the goetic demon Buer

Below are various brief experiences different people posted about the Goetic Demon Buer, who is usually associated with healing.  They are all very brief so I figured I might as well post them all in one place.  Some of these may have started out as questions or statements that received answers and followups.

Question regarding this entity:

Is Buer nice? I read he was some sort of wise trickster, and I don’t want to get even more wrecked. Is it dangerous as a first summon? What are the dangers of this?

First hand account by someone with multiple working with this entity:

He is nice. He once helped me thru a very difficult debt problem. I have summoned him 3 times. The first was ^see above. The second was to help me when my mother was going thru cancer and I was in distraught. The 3rd I don’t want to talk about.

Each time, I was very demanding, and forceful. This daemon needs to be told what to do, but very specifically. Any wrong turn he will take advantage. If you do it right he is nice.


Second hand account in reference to Buer needing specific instructions:

This is something I heard from a forum long ago, it’s a story from a friend of a friend. Not necessarily reliable, but posted here for your kicks.

Someone summoned Buer to cure their wife or mother of an illness. Summoning was done at home, on a carpeted floor. There were bits of dog hair on the carpet since they had a dog in that household.

The guy might have had fuzzy instructions for the demon. Just something like “heal my mother plz” or “heal my mother and cause no harm to my kin”. I don’t remember the details.

But the end result was that the wife or mother was cured of their illness, and at the same time the dog was stricken with the exact same condition, and died.

Comments people made regarding above account:

To be fair, that is a good trade, albeit sad.

It sounds like a karma… a balance. You ask for x, and you have to pay something “equal” to x.


In reference to someone else’s account of interacting with a Goetic entity in their dream:

Something similar happened to me. I focused on Buer’s sigil not to fully summon him, but to empower ir to make one of my friends healthy.
He appeared to me in dreams as a n old man with a tunicand proposed me some sort of puzzle. The solution to it was some thereisnospoon fuckery, and when I failec to find and answer he simply told me to stop using pure logic to solve things in a dream.
I looked it up and he did also appear as an old balding man with a tunic and sandals. I got sick a year later and still no cause for it Maybe I did wrong, but he seemed like a bro.


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