Anon asks about demons

A brief correspondence I had with an anon on 4chan.

Anon asked:

I don’t know shit about magic. If I summon these guys I can ask them to give me something?
I can be like “Waddup nigguh I know it’s the first time we meet, and you are some very powerful demon, so, can you bring me all the women in the world and 5 gorilion dollars?” or how does it work?

He might have been sincere or trying to be cheeky.  But it’s a legitimate question that many people may have regarding working with demons or any type of spirits in general.

Being lazy I will just copy and paste the same answer I gave him down below.  Perhaps it can be helpful to others:

They would expect something in return. Not gonna be your soul or any similar Hollywood hogwash, but something. A sacrifice, a gift, some devotion or the spreading of their good name. You know how that one anon keeps praising Stolas on this board? You get the idea.

Regarding the women and 5 gorillion dollars, you may not get that either. That greatly depends on you and your character as a person.

Think of it this way, if you’re a hunk of raw gold, then the demon would polish you up and make a nice gold statue or gold coins out of you. If you’re a hunk of raw silver trapped inside some rocks, then maybe the demon can break you out and make you into silver utensils or silver coins. If you’re a great big steaming hunk of turd, you ain’t gonna become no pile of gleaming gold coin.

I’m not making fun of you or calling you a hunk of turd. Some people are just bad at certain things in life. Making a hell lot of money and then maintaining it through proper investments require certain skills and temperament that not everyone has.

Let me give you some further examples. I once asked Sitri for a few things, among them to help me get laid. Gave him a time limit to fulfill this request too. During the entire time I just stayed in my apartment playing video games. I broke out of my shell and went out to a bar on the last night at 6:00PM in the evening when the place was empty. I got drunk and left the bar at like, 7. I did not get laid at all, but it was my failing, not Sitri’s.

I asked Zagan to help me make lots of money many years ago. Enough for me to never work again. The goal was accomplished through business, and now if I keep to a simple life and budget I never need to work again.

I’ve wondered why I’m just a millionaire. Why am I not a multi-millionaire with 10s or 20s of millions. Why I can’t casually go to Paris next weekend if I feel like it, or why I’m not rich enough to buy a $2000 doll without blinking an eye.

I’ve wondered why I’m not a billionaire like Bill Gates.

And you know what? It has to do with me. I bumped into the right opportunity at the right time. I am smart and busted me ass, as did my business partner. But both of us had terrible people skills and can’t get people eating out of our hands and following us loyally. Neither of us were good at training people and teaching others what we knew. So our little business had two owners burning their health away working hard and a few shitty employees that slacked or were stupid. We never expanded greatly even when the times were good.

It’s like I’m a chunk of silver, and not gold when it comes to money. The limits of my capability was one or two million’s worth. To go further required more skills and traits that I just didn’t have at the time.

The demons are not going to GIVE you something for free like an adult giving a kid a piece of candy. They’ll be working with you, mixing with you to achieve the results you want. The responsibility is in your hands. The best thing you can do for success and to achieve gorillions of dollars or hot women is to do your best to polish yourself.

Learn business skills, read and learn about investing. Learn to dress well, talk smooth and deal well with people. Practice. Date a few fat chicks. Read.

Demons and spirits can enhance and multiply who are you and what you got. If you’re a piece of shit with nothing, then well, 10 times of nothing is still nothing.

Anon demands more explanation:

Am I gonna get the 5 gorilion for free though? Would this kind of transaction of sacrifice for reward taint my soul? I heard that dealing with dark forces and magic is a grave sin against God.

More of my response for anon:

>Am I gonna get the 5 gorilion for free though?

No, nothing is for free. Pay in time, pay in effort, pay whatever the demon’s due, but pay. Are you aware of anything else that’s free in life? How about your mother’s love? if you went and took a giant shit in your mother’s bed tomorrow, would she love you exactly the same?

>Would this kind of transaction of sacrifice for reward taint my soul?

I don’t think it does shit for your soul. It will change you and spiritually point you in a different direction. Whether you consider the changes good or bad depends on your worldview.

It’s not a Hollywood movie kind of change where you become mystically different resulting in drama. It’s just like learning and accepting a new way of looking at the world. You go from “er, does this thing even work?” to “Shit, it works. They exist.” and it leads to a whole lot of questions. Attempts to answer them changes you. Sometimes a demon you’ve worked with might drop by to check on you just to make sure you’re still doing ok. In a way it’s like you feel like you now have a link to them.

>I heard that dealing with dark forces and magic is a grave sin against God.

This is where you need to do some introspection. What do you believe in? Do you think God exist? The christian version who’s supposedly supreme on top of everything else? Can he possibly be something else? Do you think the demons are dark?

If you believe in the christian version of God and most of what the bible says, you wouldn’t be touching this stuff with a ten foot stick. But where do you really stand?

Go read Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. It’s a fun read and talks a lot about this type of shit. The guy was either an occultist or spoke a lot with them.

Additional explanation using anon’s example of 5 gorillions:

I’m going to elaborate more on the 5 gorillion.

It’s like, suppose you’re completely on your own. Living a normal lazy life without touching any occult shit. Your chance of making that 5 gorillion in your life time might be 0.05%. Can happen, but probably not gonna, since 5 gorillions is a fucking lot.

Suppose you now work with the right demon for this kind of stuff. Your chance might now be 3%. Still low, but definitely better.

Suppose you also bust your ass and read, work hard to learn the Art of Gorillions and how to manage gorillons and networking with all the right people and shit. Your chance might now be 5%, combined with the demon’s help for you.

Along the way you may never end up making that 5 gorillions. You may end up with just 2 millions, and decide fuck, it’s still pretty good and end up happier than you originally were. You may come to the epiphany that you only wanted the gorillions to impress women, and learned how to get all the pussy you want without having any gorillions at all. Perhaps by only pretending that you have gorillions.

The way shit like this work is not always a yes or no, analog type of deal. Results come in a spectrum. Your chance of getting something spectacular and unlikely, such as 5 gorillions, may be low either way, but demons and shit can increase that chance. Sometimes weird shit may happen so that you end up getting what you really needed instead of what you wanted, or you get something else that’s different from what’s asked but ends up doing the job anyway.

In your theoretical example of 5 gorillions, you should try to figure out why you want that 5 gorillions – for comfort, luxury, not having to take shit from people, getting pussy, achievement, building the world’s creepiest doll collection, etc, and communicate to the demon.

“Hey, I want 5 gorillion bucks so that I can git all the pussy I want” is a much better and clearer request for a demon than just “I want 5 gorillions!”



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