Destroyed Houses

President Biden of the United States made a rather impassioned speech a few days ago, on the anniversary of the 1/06/21 protest that took place in Washington, D.C.  He went through great lengths to describe how it was a terrible deed and an attack on the nation and democracy itself.

Below is a scene from a 30+ year old cartoon show that perfectly captures the hypocrisy behind his little speech:

destroyed houses
“People in power don’t bat an eye when the houses of ordinary people are destroyed. But when government buildings are destroyed, the blood drains from their faces.”

The above scene is from The Legend of Galactic Heroes, a Japanese cartoon show from the early 80s with heavy political themes.  The little scene and quote from above perfectly describes how the politicians and other people in power in the US acted during the last few years.

When riots were taking place in the cities during 2020 and parts of 2019, the politicians and others of their kind gleefully egged them on.  The main stream media also did its best to manipulate the narrative and help make the rioters seem more innocent than they really were.  It’s hilarious to see that the moment the violence moved into their own front lawn, they suddenly acts terrified:

burn it down

Here’s one of the main stream media doing its thing:

riot in media

The “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” quote tacked on a background with burning properties reached a level of hypocrisy and shamelessness that I previously thought was impossible, at least for something broadcasted on TV for millions to see.

This was not an isolated incident.  Here is another example of such behavior from the mass media:

riots are destructive

The alarming thing with this one is that both articles were from the same reporter.  It wasn’t even a case of different individuals in the same organization having opposing opinions.

The kind of destruction we saw in the riots during 2019-2020 were not isolated as some may try to spin it as.  Examples of different burning buildings are pretty easy to find everywhere online:

riot uncle hugo1

A beloved local business and somebody’s livelihood, gone forever.  Also note that most insurance policies exclude damage from civil insurrections, so the owners are unlikely to get any sort of compensation from their insurance.

And yet, a protest that barely even qualifies as a riot by our nation’s standards, where no building was even burned down, is described as a horrendous attack on the nation and democracy itself.  Only because this time the mob managed to threaten those who deem themselves the masters of the nation.

riot peaceful

The true horror to all these is that 20 years down the road, the text books that children learn from will indeed describe the 01/06/21 protest as a terrible riot, and the riots that occurred throughout 2019-2020 as a series of brave civil rights protests.  Even most of the people who have lived through these events will have forgotten about them, having been long ago distracted by whatever bread and circus the media would have offered them through the years.

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