Grade School Monsters

A grade school teacher in Melbourne, Australia asked her students (aged 5-6) to draw their “dream monsters”.  Weeks down the road, she presented the children with hand made stuffed toys of the monsters that the students drew as a Christmas present.

Below are the drawings of some of these critters, and the final stuffed toys based off of their design:

This one is supposedly a therizinosaurus, but it became something completely different in the end:

monster 01 therizinosaurus

Hard to see, but the stuffed doll version of this one has a smiley face too:

monster 02

Rather otherworldly design that makes one wonder what the child was truly thinking of:

monster 03

The teacher clearly took the child’s vision and added her flair on this one, with a very whimsical final outcome:

monster 04

The drawing of this one would’ve been hard to translate to a 3 dimensional doll:

monster 05

A simplistic design:

monster 06

A couple more simpler ones:

monster 07

A rather fantastic one, with the three eyes and all:

monster 08

A furry muscle man?  The bit on the face look rather like a mustache, giving it a Mexican look:

monster 09

This one is vaguely like a pokemon:

monster 10

This one is apparently named “Bloop”, which is oddly fitting:

monster bloop

One last one.  Apparently this one also has a name – “Googoo”:

monster googoo

One last bit of detail that I find to be really nice, is that all the drawings of the children have been laminated to preserve them for the future.  It’s clear that this teacher cares very much about her students.





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