Collapse of the Petro-Dollar – How America Will be Killed

One 4chan anon’s analysis on how the dollar has managed to remain the world’s currency, and what might happen when that status is threatened:

For some of you autists who actually keep track of things, you might have noticed the end game of the elites about to play out. For those who don’t grasp how the US economy works, allow me to explain:

petrol dollarLoss of reserve status of the US dollar. That’s the trigger that collapses America.

See, back in the 1970s, Nixon took America off of the gold standard. However, there was nothing of value to replace it with, so they needed a commodity that will back the currency instead of gold.

They chose oil, and the Petro-dollar was born.

The Saudis agreed to make sure that all oil was bought and sold only in USD. This meant that all countries around the world need greenbacks in order to survive, because you can’t survive without oil.

This means that there have been buyers for these dollars at any price. This usually means that the value of something appreciates (goes up).

However, this would cause a problem for US exports, as the dollar would continuously rise in value, making US exports less commercially viable.

The solution to this has been to print money, steadily devaluing the dollar, but at the same pace that international buyers raise it – causing it to remain relatively stable against other currencies.

This has been America’s economy since around 1980.

All that printed money, however, does devalue the dollar, which means you need more dollars to buy the same amount of things. That means prices must go up. If those prices happen to attach to assets, however (e.g. real estate) then it can make it LOOK LIKE the asset has increased in value, when it’s just an increase in price. But that still hasn’t stopped Americans from borrowing more against the “increase” in their home’s price.

Put this all together, and it gives the APPEARANCE of growth, when really it’s just a side-effect of being the world’s reserve currency.

>So how does this trigger America’s collapse?

The system can only keep going if the American dollar remains the world’s reserve currency. if the Saudis ever switched, then all of those American dollars that other countries hold in their reserves will be pointless, so those other countries will get rid of those dollars and switch to whatever the Saudis are using.

Which means America will be flooded with all of those dollars it exported.

This will trigger hyperinflation, and just like the Weimar republic, societal collapse for a while.

And this is what the elites are counting on. Here’s their plan:
1. Corruptly steal trillions from the US taxpayer and print a shit ton of money
2. Move that money overseas and exchange it into foreign currencies
3. Encourage the Saudis to switch to a different reserve currency, collapsing America
4. Come back with all of that “foreign currency”, and buy up everything that’s in ruins – then rule over the people like kings

That’s how they – you know who – will make money from America’s collapse.

If you want to know WHEN the shit will hit the fan, and when America finally crumbles, watch the Saudis. As soon as they switch to something other than USD for oil purchases/sales, America is done for.

Looks like the Chinese and Saudis took the first steps this month.

This is a very nice little essay that explains the workings and politics behind currency and oil in a very easily understood manner, something I appreciate.  Fortunately for the US, it does not seen like the Saudis are about to switch reserve currencies anytime soon, yet.  Although I’m sure when they do, the impact will be great.  Or perhaps Saudi Arabia will get a sudden dose of democracy and color uprisings before they can complete the process?  The world may never know.




Original screen cap:

petrol dollar


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