Low Cost Cosplay

A gentleman from Thailand takes the art of cosplaying to an extreme level, all the while maintaining a low budget:

lowcost cosplay1
Smiley face?

Joker, using matchsticks:

lowcost cosplay2

Nezuko from the popular anime Demon Slayer:

lowcost cosplay3
The inner robe and character’s breasts are just his beer belly pressed against a mirror.  Is the face a cut out or photo shopped in?

Another smiley face emoji:

lowcost cosplay4

Last emoji from the set:

lowcost cosplay5
Shaved his mustache just to do this one.

Shin-chan, popular anime character from long ago:

lowcost cosplay6

Inuyasha, another old anime character.  Very creative use of available resources:

lowcost cosplay7

The most artistic one of all:

lowcost cosplay8
Can’t help but feel there’s a more philosophical message behind this one.

Excellent play on perspective:

lowcost cosplay9

Another perspective play:

lowcost cosplay10

Tanjiro, main character from the Demon Slayer anime – most of the costume consists of carved cucumbers and clever manipulation of perspective:

lowcost cosplay11

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