Black and White Views on Vaccines

An anon ruminates on the matter of vaccines, and how many people tend to view them as either all good or all bad on a wholesale level.  Very relevant in light of the recent efforts on creating vaccination for the covid-19 virus:

Currently there are two black and white opinions, either of which the majority of people hold.

They are:

1. All vaccines are bad.
2. All vaccines are good.

It doesn’t take much to realise with such an important medical related issue that both of those opinions are ideological and just as dangerous as each other.

If one is to properly evaluate the safety of vaccines they must remember there are thousands of different ones around the world today.  They are developed and made by dozens of different companies and researchers, in dozens of different countries with thousands of different rules and regulations in regards to vaccine manufacturing.  Each vaccine is made for a different purpose, for dozens of diseases and for different patients.

It is impossible for all vaccines to be either good or bad.

Due to statistical probability is is fair to say some vaccines are definitely good and some bad.
Some made with noble intentions, other with sinister intentions (profit being an example).
Some made to combat genuine threats, other made when they don’t really need to be.
Some made under the best conditions, other made on the bottom dollar.

If we can all accept these basic truths we may be able to start having a decent conversation about vaccines.

I bid you all a fine day.

The above provides much food for thought on the quality of the vaccine we may see in the future for the current pandemic.  Given the rushed process said vaccine would be made under, and the national economic incentives (in terms of reducing panic, improving the stock market, et al) which said vaccine would provide, I’m afraid actual quality may end up taking the back seat.

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