The myth of the Chosen One

An interesting observation written by an anon on 4chan:

chosen oneThe myth of the chosen one is as old as human history, and perhaps the greatest fantasy humanity has collectively had. The powerlessness one has in being made special by birth is in stark contrast with the dog eat dog reality in which one must toil to stand out. The myth of the chosen one is a feminine fantasy. The chosen one has no power over his birth, and yet he is made special by it alone. He has been raped and tattooed, but thinks he has been rewarded. He is made to believe his work makes no difference, that his interaction with the physical world is of no consequence. Any respectable man would know the source of his worth lies in his work. Any secure man would believe in his ability to work and not some myth that invalidates its necessity. The weak and insecure are attracted to the myth of the chosen one because when one has so little to offer, they delude themselves into thinking they are above the work of others.

A single person believing in the myth of the chosen one would cause no harm, but when you get millions of people who believe in the myth, it forms the backbone for oppression. The weak and insecure are the last to admit their flaws in reasoning or apologize for being wrong. Instead, they are more likely to make their case true by whatever means necessary. Alone, they cannot do much, but together, they can work together to make the myth appear as true. Shame is no longer felt once a certain threshold of delusion is exceeded, and they believe their ability to deceive others is evidence that the myth must be true. A type of schizophrenia manifests as their perceived reality slowly loses touch with the objective reality. And it becomes harder and harder to maintain the myth.

Eventually the myth crumbles under its own weight. The weak and insecure produce no work and their myth has nothing to show for itself, except the propaganda and lies they’ve spread. And somehow they see themselves as victims at the end. As if the world has wronged them and prevented them from being the chosen ones. As if the world has taken something from them. When in reality, they have not only contributed absolutely nothing to the world, but they have parasitically leeched off the labor of their peers and abused their trust. How can such a deluded person be made right? Why are these people so insecure?

The worst case of the myth of the chosen one is to believe you are part of a chosen people because it has been written in an old book.

Having read what the anon wrote, I feel his observations relates to the increased popularity of super hero movies, many of which features heroes who become special through actions/accidents outside of their control.  The waning of merit based hiring/promotions in place of quota based affirmation action hiring/promotions point to a darker side of the chosen one mentality.  Below is the original screen cap, which features a couple of more exchanges between the author and other people:

chosen one myth

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