An encounter with junk psychic energy amidst the coronavirus scare

I had a interesting encounter with what appeared to be a clump of trashy psychic energy from my neighbor last week, when my particular state started quarantine procedures and closed down businesses due to the viral outbreak.

Let me first give some background information.  As a person with passive income, I don’t work a 9 to 5 job and spend most of my days in a typical week home anyway.  A few days after my state called for the shutdown of non-essential businesses due to the coronavirus, I suddenly started feeling quite anxious, and specifically, trapped in my own home.

The emotions felt a little off, like they had a certain foreign quality to them, and for lack of a better description it felt their “location” was off too – instead of being emotions inside of my own heart, they felt almost like they were coming from a place that was outside of myself.

Initially I ignored this unusual emotion that showed up, but after it persisted for about a day, I suspected something was going on.  I looked at my situation logically and realized that my daily life have not changed much at all – I still spend most of my days inside my home as I usually do, and still go out shopping for groceries and for walks as normal.  The sudden presence of this strong emotion of entrapment therefore did not make sense.


Having had past experiences with similar phenomenon, I put two and two together and figured out I’m probably experiencing someone else’s emotions/psychic energy.  My downstairs neighbor is a hung strung man who is a clingy extrovert, the sort that absolutely needs to be with other people to function.  He typically works in a job that allows him to deal with people all day long, and being stuck home due to the quarantine is most likely not having a good effect on him.  I suspect there’s a decent chance this energy, therefore, came from him.

I’ve also been lax with my practice of banishment rituals as of the last couple of days of this particular experience, and that probably is what allowed for this clump of junk psychic energy to influence me.

Having made the hypothesis that this intense, and yet foreign emotion is not my own, but a psychic intrusion of sorts, I then performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram seriously and with a special intention on the removal of all foreign/uninvited energy in my surrounding.  Upon completion of the ritual, I immediately ceased having this emotional feeling of being entrapped/cabin fever, and went on to feel perfectly fine as I always have living my somewhat secluded lifestyle.  The result, in this case, spoke for itself – the uncharacteristic feeling of being entrapped in my own home was not my own emotion, but psychic detritus encountered as part of living in an apartment building in close quarters with other people.

This was overall a harmless experience and the issue easily taken care of.  However it also served as a reminder for me to be more diligent with my banishing practices.  Spiritual or psychic experiences are part of this world and have a way of intersecting with your life when you least expect it.



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