Surrendering Negativity

I came across a conversation on 4chan from an anon who claimed that he cured his own depression through a special technique.  Below are the relevant parts of said conversation:

My lifelong depression was cured about 6 months ago via inner spiritual work and dedication.

AMA if you want but you probably won’t believe me.

There’s not much to read because I invented the method myself, sort of.

Basically you search your subconscious mind for a negative emotion or belief, then surrender it.

Almost all illness, including mental illness, is a physical/linear expression of a non-linear field of negative energy, which is experienced by humans as a negative emotion.

When you surrender the underlying non-linear field, you can cure the illness as a result.

Well the idea of surrendering negativity is a basic spiritual concept that appears in many modern self help teachings and modern takes on ancient spirituality.

I worked with a special therapist who taught me his version of this. Then I started doing it myself in a somewhat different way. So he taught me but I also improvised.

The interesting thing is that I was just surrendering whatever negativity came up, and my depression eventually disappeared. I wasn’t targeting it specifically. I just woke up one day after doing my surrendering and said, “I feel like I don’t need my anti-depressant anymore.” I stopped taking them and the depression never came back. It would previously come back if I stopped taking the pills for a day or two.

I was also cured of bipolar mania while working with the therapist, doing the same sort of shit. Again, we weren’t addressing it specifically, it just went away after surrendering negativity.

It’s almost as if the mind feels guilty about holding on to negative feelings (like shame, guilt, anger, etc) and thus ‘punishes’ you for this sin by creating illness. The illness IS the negativity, expressed in physical form. Surrender one and you surrender the other because they are actually the same thing. It’s like a radio signal being played as music – it’s simultaneously an invisible vibration around the radio but also is the music you can hear at the same time. The negative emotion in your mind is the invisible signal, and its ‘music’ that you can experience is the illness.

Interestingly, two other people responded to this anon’s experience and technique, and labeled it as two very different things.  A more occult oriented anon described this technique as:

that’s called banishing my man

The technique/experience resonated with a more religious anon differently:

I do the same thing, except by speaking with God. Are you Christian?

I find this worthwhile to post here because the technique does seem to work.  I’m raisedsurrendering to tough things out and keep a stiff upper lip.  Whenever I encounter a negative memory through out my day, my response typically is to combat it through reason (“I’m doing better in life than him now!”) or do the mental equivalent of shoving it back under the carpet (“This doesn’t matter anymore, whatever”).

Changing my gear and specifically calling out to said negative memories, “I release you.  You’re no longer mine and no longer with me” produces a different result.  Doing so seem to decrease the rate at which I think of them, or in the case of more minor negative memories, make them disappear altogether.  I seem generally happier trying this technique out, and find myself more likely to be humming a song mentally throughout the day or wake up in the morning with a little tune in my mind.

On my own observation, it seems like surrendering negative memories marks them in my subconscious mind as done deals, rather than unfinished business that I need to go back and deal with somehow, that subsequently would resurface and continue to bug me.

Original screen cap:

surrendering negativity

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