Entity experience – sexual parasite 2

Continued from before:

As time went on I continued having on and off experiences with the entity.  These sporadic experiences would happen during dreams and half awake states when I seem to be exhausted, when I’m not even lucid enough to be completely aware of what was happening.  I would wake up after the fact, only to realized that, damn it, it has happened again.  Since it never seemed to do THAT much harm, my attitude itself was half-assed and I never bothered to actively do something about it.

One day, perhaps by chance, the entity caught me during a lucid dream when I was exceptionally self aware.  In this dream I found myself lying on the bed in the guest bedroom of my parent’s house.  Strangely enough, despite my lucidity and the vividness of dream environment I was still unable to move.  The dream began with me simply laying peacefully on the bed, trying to sleep, and then feeling a sudden sense of intrusion and the impression that a presence is approaching.  I immediate recognized it as the being that I’ve been having interactions with in my various sexual dreams, even though at the time they were simply walking down the hallway outside of the bedroom, outside of my vision.

With each step the entity took, I could feel gentle vibrations from their footstep.  Still being unable to see them, I nonetheless sensed that the approaching being was definitely female.  The entire air itself tingled with feelings of arousal and general impressions of raw sexuality as they continued their approach.  At last they arrived, the charged feelings in the air intensified as an attractive woman entered into the room.  Similar to my previous experience with them, their appearance was vague and blurry.  There was the definite impression in my mind that a very attractive woman was right there – but should I focus my vision on where they are, all I saw with my eyes was just a vaguely humanoid being.  Even in this very lucid dream where I could see everything else clearly, they were but a blur.

The entity gave me no more time to think.  I felt the mattress on the bed sink under their weight as they climbed into bed with me.  Somehow they must have propped me up, and we engaged in a rather passionate tongue kiss.  The moment their lips met mine I felt an explosive and electrifying mix of arousal, sex and happiness.  The same charged feelings in the air itself was intensified yet again and this time, focused unto me.  Just as my heart was enjoying this, and as my mind was logically observing the experience as something extraordinary and to be analyzed, I noticed, once again, that the entity was draining something from me.

The impression of something being siphoned from deep within me into the female entity through our meeting mouths was unmistakable.  I instinctively recognized this as a bad thing.  I grew angry yet again, but my body was still paralyzed.  For a while I imagined that venom swelled up from deep within me, thinking that perhaps the entity can suckle upon that and die.  Nothing happened.  Somehow I understood that this attempt failed because I am not a venomous animal, and knew nothing of the mechanics and sensations behind the production of venom or the injection of it into other creatures.

I grew angrier.  This time around I figured I would instead drain the entity dry, and did my best to siphon whatever energy/life force that it had, using visualization and memories of sucking liquid from a straw.  This attempt worked, but all I managed to suck from her/it was foul tasting, putrid liquid of some kind.  Perhaps that WAS what was inside the entity, or perhaps it was some sort of defensive mechanism on its part.  Either way I stopped trying to drain it – I sure as hell was not going to guzzle down that putrid liquid.  I guess this attempt failed as well, and I grew angrier still.

At this point I was beginning to feel a bit helpless, as this being just continued draining something from me while my body itself remained paralyzed.  The only thing I was able to hold onto was my anger, which grew greater and greater, accompanied by increasingly stronger urges to simply fuck up and destroy this entity.

The anger swelled to even greater heights as I focused purely on it and my violent urges, until I suddenly transformed into a giant snake!  I somehow saw myself from the third person and observed that I had yellow and black scales, just like my pet python in real life.  More importantly, I’ve regained full control of my body.  Ignoring the fact that I was now a giant snake, as if such transformations were perfectly normal everyday occurrences, I took delight in this opportunity to express my anger and coiled my great body around the female being, and squeezed hard.

carpet pythonIn retrospect, this must have worked because I owned a pet snake in real life, have observed him constrict prey items and even have been bitten and constricted by him a few times by accident; these experiences left me knowledgeable in the anatomy of a snake, and the way that they kill.  I squeezed with all my might, feeling a curious mix of giddy happiness and anger.  The powerful impressions of sex and arousal disappeared from the environment itself.  The female being struggled meekly in my embrace.

The entity no longer looked human.  It now looks like a giant worm of some sort, like a huge, off-white colored maggot with a strange mouth.  This does not faze me.  I continued squeezing the life out of it/her.  I felt them struggle a little bit more, but they were simply weak compared to my strong, reptilian body.  Suddenly I felt something inside of her break.  Instinctively I recognized that it was her bones, or spine, or whatever equivalent thereof that a giant dream maggot can have.

At this point the big worm twitches a few times, and dies.  Somehow I turn back into a human.  A sense of happiness filled me, as if I was satisfied from completing some important task.  I pushed the corpse of the giant worm off of my body, and actually fell asleep peacefully within the dream itself, with the corpse right next to me on the bed.

Curiously enough, I became sick over the next few days in life, as if I had symptoms of a low level flu.  I soon recovered.  This particular entity have never showed up in my dreams again.  In general I have a lot less sex dreams ever since this incident, and the times when I do have them, they simply feel like they are my subconscious playing things out, and not something more.

Knowing what I know now, something like this would’ve been dealt with fine with just some banishing rituals.  However, this was simply an incident that left a strong impression on me, especially how it was resolved in the end.

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