Trump and the Kois – When you hate someone, everything they do is offensive

Very funny little incident happened earlier this week when Trump visited Japan.  Apparently he dumped an entire box of fish food into a pond with a large number of Koi fish inside.  Below is how CNN summarized this incident:


The pictures appear to show a story of Trump acting cavalier and disrespectful.  His expression, the angle of his hand as he tipped the entire box in the pond, they all seem to tell an obvious story.  Rage ensued in social media as people and other news agencies fumed over the news and spread the information around, retweeting, re-posting and forwarding the story, while adding their own opinions and twists to it:


However, below are clips from the original video of what happened during that visit:


A close-up to the relevant moment of the whole incident:


Very different story emerges now that you get to see the entire incident.  The thing to remember is that the media company in question, CNN in this case, likely already had the above clips to begin with, but was fine releasing that vague and misleading tweet anyway (purposefully or due to their own laziness, we may never know).

This is not necessarily a pro or anti trump issue.  Our media does this sort of thing all the time, with politicians, events and issues from among all of the political & social spectrum, and the nature of modern social media means that misinformation can snowball very quickly just like how the image a wee bit above demonstrates.

Stay vigilant out there.





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