Entity Banishment Experience – Memory Eating Astral Insects – part 1

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you – Nietzsche

When you mess around with the occult long enough, eventually spiritual things start messing with you.  Not all of them are nice.  A common analogy is that when one tries a more serious occult undertaking, like a demonic summoning, it is akin to sending a beacon out into the general environment and attracts the attention of all sorts of things to them.  This is why regular usage of banishing rituals is recommended for people who are into the occult.

I’ve had a number of experience using banishing rituals to remove entities and other spiritual influence from me.  I’ll slowly share them on this site over time, but to begin with, I will share my strangest and most dramatic encounter, which was also my first.

To give some background, the first couple years of my occult journey was pretty low key.  I practiced energy work and attempted, to some success, astral projection.  Using the analogy above, I probably didn’t send too much of a beacon out into the world and in turn was not attracting too much spiritual attention to myself.  I did not banish on a regular basis, probably had no need, and felt perfectly fine doing so.

When I started working with demons, I would use banishing rituals before and after a summon ritual as per common recommendations.  While I did notice the banishing to have an effect on clearing the room of energy and recognized them as useful to a degree, I still retained the same sense of safety from my early days and went through my daily life without banishing on a regular basis.

surviveYears after college, I was busy with work and went through a dry spell where I did very little occult workings and subsequently did not banish at all.  It was during this time that I started getting a strange recurrent nightmare.

I’ve always had dreams of my middle and high school experience.  Not frequently, but just once in a while.  They’ve always been harmless – I’d dream about being a student and walking around in the hallways of my old schools again, possibly forgetting my class schedule or tanking a test.  You know, perfectly normal school dreams.  My experience with middle and high school were a mix of good and bad, and the dreams reflected that as well.

When the strange spiritual influence first started, I had a sudden increase of these school dreams.  I went from having them once every month or two to having them multiple times a week.  The contents of the dreams themselves started to change.  They started to overly emphasize on the negative parts of those years, while underplaying the positive.  The school environment went from looking mostly like my old middle school or high school to being very strange.  Hallways became twisted and labyrinthine.  Sometimes entire rooms would be submerged and filled with stagnant water.  Windows and sunlight disappeared, and a lot of students looked like deformed caricatures of people (none of which I knew), instead of the real classmates that I remembered.


NB – This experience is long.  I will post it up in several smaller segments over time.

To be continued here

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