Social Justice Warriors vs Conspiracy Theorists

A brief treatise on how modern Social Justice Warriors share a lot of similarities to conspiracy theorists: All the social justice movements have more in common with conspiracy theorists than they might want to believe. Modern society has brought them to a point where they can no longer identify systemic discrimination as a force of … More Social Justice Warriors vs Conspiracy Theorists

Nordics Like Fish

An amusing comic on the food dishes eaten in certain Nordic countries: Pictured below, pickled herrings, which admittedly doesn’t sound that bad: “Rotten shark meat” dish from Iceland, aka Hákarl, which sounds like a hell of an acquired taste:

Manufactured Outrage

I’m not typically passionate about politics and have not voted for either presidential candidate in the recent election in the US. However, I can’t help but notice very obvious differential treatments from the media between the recent protests in the nation’s capital and the BLM protests that took place over the summer & fall of … More Manufactured Outrage