Funeral Home Rules

A new picture that has been circulating online showcasing the employee regulations for a funeral home located in China.  While the first rule adamantly proclaims “there is no such thing as ghosts in this world”, the rest of them appear to tell a different story.

Here are the translated English version of the 9 rules:

funeral home rules1. There is no such thing as ghosts in this world. Do not spread stories about ghosts in the funeral home. Any employee found to break this rule is subject to immediate termination.

2. If you see a small hill appearing for no reason within the range of the funeral home, please pretend you do not see it. More importantly, do not mention it to anyone else. Anyone who sees this small hill is forbidden from entering the northern building in the funeral home complex. If any visitors mention that they see this hill, please immediately bring them off the premises of the funeral home.

3. When staying alone in a room, no matter what happens, never talk or mutter to yourself – you’re responsible for any consequences if you fail to do this.

4. All employees are forbidden from coming close to the old dormitory building. Furthermore, do not wear deep blue clothings while onsite in the funeral home.

5. Without the director’s explicit permission, no one is allowed to count the unclaimed bodies left in the main warehouse. With the exception of the warehouse night watchman, no one is allowed within the main warehouse.

6. For all employees living onsite in the funeral home, please check once in a while to ensure your roommate is really who they are.

7. Employees of the body receiving department, please make sure to record your work process using your own cell phones.

8. After 12 o’clock midnight, do not look in the mirrors of the public bathrooms onsite.

9. Employees with special or sensitive constitution are forbidden from being alone in the cleaning room.

Hilariously enough, while the first rule insists that there are no such thing as ghosts in the world, almost all of the rest of the rules seem to be talking about some sort of spiritual phenomenon. Rule number 6 seem especially terrifying – if your roommate turn out to be not the actual person, then what the heck would be there masquerading as them?

What sort of ordeals have the previous generations of employees gone through in this funeral home for this set of rules to be implemented as they are? The world may never know.

For clarification, the “special” or “sensitive constitution” mentioned in rule 9 is a polite Chinese/Asian slang for describing individuals who are more sensitive to spiritual phenomenons or even with some clairvoyant abilities regarding spirits.



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