Cat Sent to Catch Mice Conquered by Mouse Instead

A man native to China’s Anhui province started storing grains in his granary, but noticed signs of rodent activity soon after.  Annoyed by the mice, he left his pet cat in the granary in an attempt to rectify the rodent infestation, but instead was confronted by the following scene:

cat mouse01
The caption reads “help me!”

Apparently, the cat was originally simply left in the granary to hopefully catch mice on its own, but was terrified and returned home multiple times instead.

Tired of the situation, the home/cat owner leashed the cat inside the granary, thinking that he can “awaken the cat’s hunting instincts” by forcing it to stay inside near the mice.

The day after when he returned to check on the cat, he finds a mouse happily riding on the cat itself with a smug expression, and the cat with a dour and hopeless look.  It meowed desperately at its owner, as if asking for help:

cat mouse02
The captions translates to “I’m scared” and “Don’t just stand there and watch!”

Stunned, the cat owner simply commented in his post, “I think this cat’s hopeless”.

While funny, it’s also a bit unfortunate that the cat was leashed inside the granary over night like that.  They don’t usually take well to being leashed and being taken outside of their familiar territory, likely it spent the night being pretty stressed (and the mouse would not have helped).


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