Equine Party Crasher

An American couple from Ohio, Phil and Amanda, was having a photo shoot at their farm.  The focus of the shoot was meant to be Amanda, who was pregnant and about a week away from giving birth, but the photo shoot was crashed by one of the horses on the farm, who appeared to totally revel in the attention it was receiving:

horse party crasher 1

The above was still normal.  But then comes a rather joyful smile:

horse party crasher 2

Followed by a derp face.  You can tell for sure the horse is having fun with the humans at this point: 

horse party crasher 3

Derp face from a different angle:

horse party crasher 4

The couple seem increasingly amused by the horse’s antics as well.  It’s clear they are a pretty happy family together:

horse party crasher 5


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