Man faked being retarded so he can get women to change his diapers – when real life becomes stranger than fiction

Not sure to laugh or cry over this, but this is definitely a day when real life transcends fiction in strangeness:

Three Arizona caregivers thought a mother named “Amy” had hired them to help fake retard or realher adult son who had Down syndrome, according to authorities.  Police said “Amy” would send text messages detailing any instructions she had for the caregivers about bathing and changing the diapers of Paul Menchaca, a 30-year-old in Gilbert, Arizona — but the caregivers didn’t meet “Amy” in person, CBS 5 reports.

“‘Amy’ asked all three victims to ‘punish’ [Menchaca] when he soiled his diaper by putting him in timeout and taking away his privileges,” a probable cause statement said, according to CBS 5. “All three victims were paid in cash by [Menchaca] when they picked him up and dropped him off from neutral locations.”

But “Amy” didn’t exist at all, according to police: Menchaca had created the fake identity to seek caregivers for himself on the website, and then pretended to have Down syndrome during the caregivers’ visits over the summer, FOX 10 reports.

Police said they became skeptical of Menchaca because he would demand they scrub him more thoroughly in “certain areas,” FOX 10 reports. Court records said that one caregiver remembered five occasions when Menchaca “aggressively said his genitals were not cleaned enough,” according to CBS 5.

When all three caregivers challenged Menchaca about the situation, he “admitted to lying to them about his mental condition,” CBS 5 reports.

Menchaca was arrested Sept. 6 at his home for the incidents, ABC 15 reports.

More complete article here.

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